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About Shoes for Kids

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Shoes for Kids: Stepping Up for Ashe County's Children

Shoes for Kids began in 2013 with a simple mission: provide shoes for every needy child in Ashe County, from birth to high school. This journey started when a student wearing their mother's shoes to school opened their eyes to the hidden struggle many children faced.

Driven by compassion and community support, Shoes for Kids has grown from its humble beginnings. Now, with "shoe closets" in every school, child care center, and even the DSS office, they reach every corner of Ashe County.

The need was immense. Imagine a child walking miles in shoes too small, another wearing flip-flops held together by rubber bands, or even a child forced to wear boots until they became painfully tight. These are not distant stories, but the realities of children right here in Ashe County.

Shoes for Kids doesn't just provide shoes, they provide dignity, confidence, and the ability to participate fully in life. Every child deserves properly fitting footwear, and Shoes for Kids is committed to making that a reality for every child in need.

They've come a long way, but the journey isn't over. With your support, Shoes for Kids can continue their mission and ensure that every child in Ashe County takes their next step with confidence.

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